New Year,
New You

Leveraging Retail Media
Optimization for Seasonal Success


The NYNY trend presents an unmissable opportunity for brands looking to capitalize on the renewed focus on health and personal development. But how do you navigate this landscape effectively? Our white paper not only explores these trends in detail but also offers actionable strategies and insights powered by Quartile’s advanced machine-learning technologies. 


What You'll Discover

Understand how the New Year, New You Phenomenon impacts consumer priorities, opening new avenues for businesses.

Take a closer look at the data that shows a paradigm shift in consumer behavior towards health and wellness

Explore how our tech can help you achieve your advertising goals



Fine-tune your approach to different audience segments, such as gender and generational differences.

Gain insights into the industry’s top New Year seller strategies.

Discover the top 5 client profiles and how to tailor your approach for each.

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